Wood possesses several advantages compared with other decking materials, as choice to design and construct decks. The more prominent advantages are :
  • Wood is non-toxic and strong for its weight
  • It produces a beautiful natural deck that is easy to maintain
  • It is a durable resource if maintained correctly
  • It is re-usable and recyclable and biodegradable without any polluting by-products
Janmel Timber Structures use CCA Pressure Treated structural pine for the sub-structures to ensure durability and longevity.
Decking by Janmel

What are the most Popular Materials use and what are their Characteristics

Garapa (Apuleia Leiocarpa)

Garapa (Apuleia Leiocarpa) Wood Sample

Garapa is a stable and durable exotic hardwood, imported from South America.
Garapa has a medium texture with a golden to yellowish brown colour, which darkens with age.

Massaranduba Decking (Brazilian Redwood)

Massaranduba Decking (Brazilian Redwood) Wood Sample

Massaranduba is a high density exotic hardwood, imported from South America.
Massaranduba has a natural and vibrant reddish-brown colour and is very popular as a decking wood.

Red Ironbark (Eucalyptus Sideroxylon)

Red Ironbark (Eucalyptus Sideroxylon) Wood Sample

Red Ironpark is a very distinctive Australian hardwood that is prized for it’s strength and durability.
As named, it is a wood varying in colour from a deep dark red to redbrown.

Teak (Baikaiea Plurijuga)

Teak (Baikaiea Plurijuga) Wood Sample

Zambezi Teak, formerly known as Rhodesian Teak, is a durable high quality imported hardwood.
When sawn the wood is a stunning mélange of medium to light browns or tans which, after oxidation, turns to a rich red/bronze combination.

Saligna (Eucalyptis Grandis)

Saligna (Eucalyptis Grandis) Wood Sample

Saligna Decking is a locally grown hardwood and is ideal for exterior decks. It has beautiful colours ranging from light pink to brown.

It is of medium density and requires regular maintenance, however it is the most cost effective decking option available. Its stability and economical price allows Saligna to be an excellent alternative to other imported hardwoods such as Garapa and Balau.

Maculata (Spotted Gum)

Maculata (Spotted Gum) Wood Sample

Malcutta is a premium Australian hardwood now also grown in South Africa.

Highly desirable for decking, its variation of colour makes a superb choice to match any colour scheme and its hardness resists scratches and dents.

What do you need to do to ensure a Beautiful Long Lasting Deck?

  • Use a proper oil based sealer for general protection. It will also prevent your decking from pealing.
  • Ensure that the medium contains UV protection.
  • To extend intervals between treatments, use a specialized deck wash.