Janmel Structural Timber

While Janmel specializes in high-quality timber construction, they offer a full range of products and custom solutions that will beautify any home or office. If you are looking for custom timber work, Janmel will have a series of choices for you to select from that are both functional and extraordinarily attractive.

Janmel focuses on the structural design and construction of wooden decks, balustrades and pergolas. As a committed team, we strive to apply the most efficient workmanship to ensure quality and client satisfaction.

So What Does Janmel Offer?

Custom Timber Construction

Whether you are looking for wooden decks, structural timber work, pergolas, balustrades, or any other form of custom woodwork, Janmel construction can deliver. Their custom solutions combine world-class craftsmanship with some of the finest natural materials and woods available on Earth to produce gorgeous custom structural timber construction in any area of your home or office.

No matter what your construction needs may be or whether you own residential or commercial property, Janmel Timber Structures can provide beautiful, custom solutions that will perfectly fit your needs and budget. Their master craftspeople build aesthetically pleasing solutions in timber, aluminum, or steel as may be required, and offers a full line of security solutions as well. Contact Janmel today to learn how they can help you improve the structural design and appeal of your property.

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